Warning on Recharging R22 Systems with Wrong Refrigerant

Propane based refrigerants are not a bad thing when paired with appropriate systems.  The EPA is warning home owners, air conditioning technicians, and manufacturers of propane based refrigerants, that there is a serious hazard to safety when using propane in existing motor vehicle and home air conditioning systems.  Many of the R22 refrigerants that are being marketed to consumers to use for their home or car contain flammable propane and the systems they have cannot use that style of refrigerant.  The EPA has not received any of these newer refrigerants to test or review which means their effect on personal health and the environment is unknown.

When using these types of propane refrigerants it is possible that they could combust when putting them in units where they are not designed.  This can cause great bodily harm, property damage, and in a severe case even death.  The EPA is taking action against companies who are marketing their products incorrectly or as substitutes for non flammable refrigerant.  If you have purchased any of these items let us know and we will help you take appropriate actions to alert the EPA and the FBI in their quest to get these items off the market and keep people safe.

You can also take action on your own.

“The large number of possible victims necessitates that we ask for your assistance in one of the two ways listed below. Any responses are voluntary but will prove useful to our investigation. Completion of the questionnaire would help us further identify you as a victim and greatly help our investigation. Please submit details via the Preferred Method—Complete the attached online form/questionnaire on the FBI.gov website: https://forms.fbi.gov/super-freeze.”

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