How to Keep Your Heating and Cooling Clean and Safe this Year

p900gxHere at T.F. Ehrhart in Quincy, IL, we feel that having clean air is of utmost importance to consumers.  That is why we carry HVAC supplies such as the    Sanuvox P900GX Portable UV Air Purifier.  A Sanuvox air purifier is a benefit to consumers because it is lightweight, about 11lbs, and has a powerful blower that can pull in the air to purify it with the UV lights.  The P900GX can cover 900 square feet, and works great in offices or homes without forced air.  Many homes in Quincy, IL still have radiant heat and no way to purify air without a portable unit.  If you would like more information about how the P900 can reduce bacteria in the air by up to 95% you can rad about it here.


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